CCTV Drain Survey

Most drainage systems are hidden below ground level and is out of view.

Pre-purchase property surveys are an excellent example of how a CCTV drain survey can save you time and money. Structural defects can be expensive to rectify and having a CCTV drain survey prior to purchasing your new property will give you the information necessary to negotiate with the vendor should any faults or defects be detected.

Drainage surveys are carried out for several reasons; to assess and locate drainage prior to land purchases, building renovation, new builds etc. For further information on our full site drainage surveys including construction sites and new builds please see

CCTV drain survey equipment means that we can detect any problems and inspect the drainage efficiently and precisely. We have several types of CCTV survey equipment enabling us to service all domestic, commercial and industrial drainage and a wide variety of drainage types and sizes.

The process of carrying out a CCTV drain survey is done so with minimal disruption. The camera is inserted into the drain via an access point (manhole, soil pipe etc). It is then powered or pushed through the drain, recording the condition, inlets, outlets, manholes, faults, defects etc. The camera distance travelled is also recorded enabling us to pin-point the exact location of a problem. All the information and image of the drain is relayed back to the CCTV monitor for our technicians to evaluate.

Once our technicians have completed the CCTV survey, we are then able to produce a DVD, VHS or CD recording, reports, photographs, drainage plans and inform the client as to the appropriate methods of repair and costs.